From India to Triana

Edinburgh Fringe 2019   2 - 24 AUGUST 2019 - 6.10 PM


Venue 38 (The Triplex - THE SPACE UK)



There comes a time in every person's life when some of the most existential questions quite simply seem impossible to avoid: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? ‘Rootless’ is the direct result of these very simple but complex questions that led this unique ensemble of dancers to venture on a quest to find where their dance traditions came from and how that defines them as artists.

Soon, it became clear that their dance and musical roots had been intertwined from the very beginning and that the fusion of their styles had been inevitable. Surrendering to this fundamental truth, Inma Montero (Flamenco dance) and Gabriela Albornoz (Indian classical dance) started to explore the points of contact in the movement and the rhythm of these ancient practices. They are joined this year by Nandini Manjunath (Kathak) and Estefany Correia (Romani dance) gracing the stage with their colorful and vibrant dance styles.  Danielo Olivera (cajon and voice); Daniel Martinez (Flamenco guitar); Eva Adamiec (sitar) and Hardeep Deerhe (tabla) soon joined them in this journey of exploration and discovery that led to the creation of original music compositions and choreographic pieces that shape the hour long show.

This unique production merges the old with the new, the similar with the different but, most importantly, celebrates the universal language of the world: dance.





  • Edinburgh Fringe 2019

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